PROVINOR AS is the result of the merger of the two former companies Polyform AS and Scanmarin AS, and is one of the worlds leading producer of floatation and fendering products for marine usage and the products are distributed to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Polyform is the originator of the modern plastic buoy. The world’s first inflatable, all-plastic buoy was produced in Ålesund, Norway, as early as in 1955.

Scanmarin was the world’s first company to produce and commercialize purse seine floats, at first by expansion of PVC plastics. The raw material has since been replaced by BACELL™, an in-house developed, hard wearing EVA-based material still in use today.

BigBuoys™ - In the year 2009 Provinor AS acquired the production equipment and distribution for BigBuoys™  - incorporating a wide range of large buoys and pontoon floats that are rotation molded from Polyethylene.

A brief look at our history
The world’s first inflatable plastic buoy is produced and sold by Polyform of Ålesund, Norway.

Development and employment of semi-automated production machinery by Polyform.

Merger of Polyform AS and Scanmarin AS
Polymatiq® (pat.) fully automated, robot assisted production technology for inflatable fenders.
Welcotec™ in-house developed molding technology for inflatable buoys and fenders.
Acquisition of BigBuoys™ - incorporating a wide range of hard-plastic (Polyethylene) and foam filled large buoys and pontoon floats.

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