Day 1: Lack of wind and a bunch of protests

After hours of waiting, due to the lack of wind, the sailors could finally leave the port at 3.30 pm, when the wind came through in the afternoon with 5 m/s from Northwest.
Published: 16.08.2011
Hans Ekholm (SWE) continued his nice results from the Practice Race yesterday. He was in the lead at mark 1, followed by Megan Pascoe (UK) and Bjørnar Erikstad (NOR).
Unfortunately, the wind got more gentle at the last part of the first leg. The result of this was a long downwind leg in 2 m/s.
At mark 3, Hans Asklund (SWE) had sailed a very good downwind leg and taken over the lead from Erikstad with Ekholm and Pascoe second and third.

On the next upwind leg, there were periods with no wind on large areas in the course, but a wind shift from Northeast favored the sailors at starboard half, with Marko Dahlberg (FIN) in the lead.

The race committee chose to shorten the course at the upwind mark, after the second  upwind leg. Unfortunately, many of the sailors perceived that the race was abandoned, and chose to cancel. This resulted in several protests on the Race Comitte, but they were not upheld by the jury. Dahlberg won the race, with John Ruf (US) second and Janne Laine (FIN) third.

Wednesdays weather forecast is far more optimistic and the race committee is planning four races tomorrow.
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